I've got to say at the outset that foiling has not been my focus  for the following reasons:-

SUP foiling ..... I’m sure its a lot of fun when on the foil however , once on the foil the board is way too big for optimal control, and its a zero sum game going smaller as the paddle out gets harder and conditions suitable are hard to find ...gentle rolling long distance waves with little to no wind .... good luck with that in "windy always"  WA.

KITE foiling  ...... Mowing the grass or very limited wave riding as the kite dictates what you can and cant do on the foil.  Blessed with waves here in Margs so still not interested in foiling.

PRONE foiling  or FOIL surfing ... great if you are a lot younger than me with a good popup technique that allows you to get up quickly on a 4 to 5 foot board. Very particular wave circumstances required  , not to mention paddling those little rockets. In the too hard basket. til now as I've just made a 6' x 22" x 3 " board,  because i can, and , i have an acute case of foil froth .....addiction.

WING FOILING.   As soon as I saw a wing foil being used on a sup foil board I saw the future clear as a bell. I knew it was just a matter of time before someone would perfect a deep water start and the ocean would open up as a playground of unlimited opportunitys. That has already happened  so boards will decrease in size and be fully controllable , like the current crop of surf foil boards... just without the crowds as you can honk upwind to hitherto useless fat rolling waves that no one wants and crank across the swells downwind coming home.        No more straight off downwinders and picking up the car at the other end.   When riding the wave the wing floats along with you in one hand while you ride and is there to get you back out 10 times faster and easier than paddling.

For me its a no brainer,  yet another learning curve and best of all  NEW BOARDS TO DESIGN as a brand new branch of ocean sports opens up.

 C’mon summer !!

Here is an aspirational board i've built and hope to be riding by mid summer.The plan is to learn the basics on DUOTONE FOIL WINGS  combined with FANATIC SUP FOIL BOARDS  and FANATIC AERO SURF FOILS.  I will also be stocking NAISH WINGSURFERS as well as AXIS FOILS