Foiling is here to stay with ever increasing numbers attracted to the sport.  Best reason for foiling is the quality of waves required is nowhere near as high as for surfing and no need to all sit togeteher and squabble over the few good waves that come through at your favorite break. Any old slop can be fun on a foil board and its a great new learning curve.

WING FOILING.   As soon as I saw a wing foil being used on a sup foil board I saw the future clear as a bell. I knew it was just a matter of time before someone would perfect a deep water start and the ocean would open up as a playground of unlimited opportunitys. That has already happened  so boards have  decreased in size , like the current crop of surf foil boards.


The "wingding" opens up useless fat rolling waves that no one wants and the whole ocean becomes the worlds biggest powder snow field        No more straight off downwinders and picking up the car at the other end.   When riding the wave the wing floats along with you in one hand while you ride and is there to get you back out or upwind  10 times faster and easier than paddling.

For me its a no brainer,  yet another learning curve and best of all  NEW BOARDS TO DESIGN as a brand new branch of ocean sports opens up.

Summer 21 sees a SLICK new wing from Duotone,  the SLICK in sizes to suit any condition or rider weight.

Sizes are 2.5m, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 6.5, 7.0

New boards from FANATIC     4'-8", 5'-0", 5'-4", 5'-8",and 6'-0"  ......... WINGFOIL specific 

High aspect foils for faster , more aggressive riding.

There has been a quantum leap forward in just one year in this new sport and its only going to get a lot better from here


 The little beast on the left below is Dreu,s prone board ... 4'-10" x 20" x 3"  @ 38 litres.

The strapped model is his 4' 10" x 24" x 24"......74 litres weighing 4kgs.

This board is a knee starter so Dreu can have a safety margin for outer reef surfing where he doesnt want to compromise his riding by worrying about a fall and having to ride overpowered all the time to assure a deep water start. The light weight means there is a more direct connection to the foil  ....almost the same as his prone board .

The orange bottom board is my 5'-6" x 25" x 4 3/4" ....... 92 litres weighing 4.5 kgs