The nature of this "powered up" sport allows the boards paddling volume to be eliminated thus creating very sleek and elegant interfaces with the wave.  Stripping it down to the bare essentials and then tuning each aspect is the challenge for shapers in this ultimate surf sport.

Length is the first thing to go in this quest with most boards now being sub 6'-0" in widths varying between 16' and 17".  Thickness is the next casualty with 2" being on the upper end of the scale.  Extra weight is a necessity to keep momentum after release from the SKI  as well as ploughing through chop at speed with minimal bouncing around.  Weight is added in a number of ways but it is preferable to use extra layers of glass and nice big stringers (up to 1 1/2" thick on Cow Bommie specials).  This makes for even weight distribution throughout the board.

Rockers are generally a lot flatter and smoother and bottom shapes are always concave and concave combinations.  Fins need to have inside foil on the side fins and they are set parallel to the stringer for big wave boards... A small amount of toe-in is good for small wave boards (6' to 10' waves).  Less is more with this as it has a marked effect on top end speed.

All Delta boards have multi position deck inserts fully glassed over and NSI widestyle footstraps for comfort and safety. The extra wide (100ml) straps cover the whole top of your foot and therefore don't need to be very tight to have control over the board but can easily be kicked off in a wipeout.  Delta Designs  custom deck pads finish the board with 6mm of shock absorbing eva  to keep you out there longer.

Feel free to email Marty for any further information.