NEW FOR 2018           REVAMP....CUSTOM STOCK

Ready to go September '17 and freight free in Australia.

The REVAMP now has 3 seasons under its belt  and has been tuned to the max for high performance in waves of any size in  either strapped or strapless mode.

The width and volume of the REVAMP  keeps it planing super early and in full control as the speed increases. 

The design features a deep V throgh the tail which keeps the board  connected to the water at full speed  and makes rail to rail moves super quick and smooth.

Each board is laminated with 6+4oz bottom  ,   4oz under bamboo with 6oz glass over the top on the deck    which gives a strong build that is not too heavy.

The extra weight is there by design which gives these boards unmatched  speed and control in choppy conditions .

The core blank  is Polyurethane  with a 3/16" 3 ply stringer , when combined with bamboo deck laminate provides superior flex and rebound in turns. ZERO  water absorption

Each board is precision  CNC machined , finish shaped  and signed personally  so they are essentially CUSTOM  boards, ready to go

Each board is custom laminated  with EPOXY resin at  the Cobra International  factory in Thailand , the world leader  in composite construction of high end water sports equipment .

Cobra Intl  is used by  most of the major brands for their quality of materials and finish.

There are 4 sizes :-

      5'-7" x 18-1/4" x 2-1/8"     23.6Litres  ...........   under 70kg or high wind

      5'-9" x 18-1/2" x 2- 3/16"    25.4 Litres  ..........   70-80kg

      5'-11"x 18-3/4" x 2- 1/4"     26.9 Litres  ..........   80-90kg

      6'-1" x 19" x 2- 3/8"           29.5 Litres  ...........   over 90kg or light wind or big waves

All boards have straps, deck pads and futures base fins and strong boxes with DELTA DESIGNS unique reinforcing that keys the box to the bamboo deck  before laminating.

Available for DEMO  in  Margaret River  at DELTA DESIGNS,   Perth Metro  at  ACTION SPORTS   and  SYDNEY  NSW at KITEPOWER